Real Estate

Plugging Along in Hot Markets

The real estate markets in the Denver and Tampa Bay areas have been hot sellers markets lately. Especially in Denver. My partner and I have been having a hard time finding rehab properties within a reasonable price. The Denver rehab/reseller market is getting competitive again.

Tampa is hot too, just not as hot as Denver. In Tampa, we’ve had competition from Blackstone’s Invitation Homes’ buying spree. These guys are buying up everything in sight – from rehab properties to fully renovated properties. They only let a few slide by. Just enough for us to keep busy. We can’t complain though. We’re rehabbing nice houses and making a decent profit. It’s a win-win-win for the seller, us, and then the new owner.

I’ll try to keep this updated more often. It just seems that time slips by so fast! LOL.

Home Improvements

Check Your Contractor’s License!

When hiring a contractor, always, always, always check their license with the state licensing board! You never know what you will find! It can save you a ton of cash. This simple rule has helped me avoid more problems that I can count.

I do a lot of contractor hiring in Colorado and Florida. So I make extensive use of these two sites: